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"Deco for Gold: Using Decompression Procedures for Shipwreck Discovery"

Jimmy Gadomski

Wednesday, June 9th
7:00 PM on Zoom (link to be sent to members)

Daniele Pierone aka "Dani" was an active Sea Gypsies club member when she lived and went to Penn State University. Oftentimes she would make the 3 hour drive just to meet many of us at Dutch Springs. Today she lives and works in south Florida and many Sea Gypsies visit her and dive with her as she and Jimmy Gadomski run a charter boat. Jimmy will discuss how the Blue Water Ventures company used decompression procedures to aid the salvage industry with their recovery efforts of the Steamboat Pulaski off the coast of Wilmington, NC.  He will cover the history of the sunken steamboat, and talk about some of the history behind recovered artifacts off of the Pulaski. He will discuss at length how technical diving is reshaping today's salvage efforts, and different obstacles the dive team faced in an ever changing offshore environment.  He will also discuss some other shipwrecks worked by the team and explain the training environments based out of South Florida.

Jimmy Gadomski is a South Florida based captain and technical diving instructor. In 2017, he was captain of the Blue Water Rose salvage vessel out of the Carolinas. During this expedition, he discovered a candle stick holder with the name "SB Pulaski" engraved on the bottom, thus naming the sunken wreck. He also spent many years working with Pompano Dive Center as a boat captain, technical diving instructor, gas blender, and technical divemaster until they closed in early 2020. In addition, Jimmy has discovered numerous other artifacts on many known and unknown shipwrecks along the east coast and the Bahamas. He currently runs Florida Technical Diving, a company that organizes technical dive trips and classes out of South Florida. He continues to work on different projects which will inevitably lead to further shipwreck history and discovery.

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