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"Lurking in the shadows – Capturing Moments In Underwater Cave Systems"

Alice "S.J." Bennett

Tuesday, September 21st
7:00 PM on Zoom (link to be sent to members)

For over 3 years, Alice "S.J." Bennett has been striving towards capturing a different angle of underwater cave systems. With a background in event and documentary photography, SJ has a passion for creating images that tell a story – that allow the viewer to relive the moment of capture, as it was experienced. 

Originally from the UK but brought up in Berlin, Germany SJ has had a camera in her hands since the age of 10. With an education in communication and graphic design as well as visual and motion design both with a focus on photography, it was only natural for her to combine those skill sets with her passion for diving when moving to Thailand in 2012. Even before getting cave certified in 2013, she knew she would be taking her camera into the caves. SJ moved to Mexico briefly in 2015 to refine her cave diving and underwater photography skills, and in 2017 settled in Tulum, Mexico full time. She works as a full-time freelancer offering land and underwater photography, print and digital design services, brand development as well as event design to businesses around the globe. 

When SJ is shooting in the extensive underwater cave systems of Mexico, she aims to capture not only the otherworldly beauty but the raw emotion of these unique environments. She feels it is important to draw awareness to these amazing places – that only a few are privileged enough to see first hand. Through her images, she hopes to both inspire and draw attention to the need to protect these stunning locations. 

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