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"Cave Adventures- Rescue and Recovery!"

Edd Sorenson

Tuesday, November 24th
7:00 PM on Zoom (link to be sent to members)

Edd Sorenson is a technical cave diver known throughout the world for numerous rescues of lost or trapped divers in the underwater caves of Florida, particularly in the Vortex Springs. Back in 1996 he was on vacation in Florida to do a wreck dive on the Spiegel Grove which got blown out. He found himself doing a cavern dive at Ginnie Springs and fell in love.

Edd was rebreather certified in 1997 and full cave certified in 1998. Over the next few years he evolved as one of the most well known Instructor Trainers for several training agencies. Edd is famous for his three rescues in 2012, when he rescued 4 people in Jackson County, Florida. He is also known for his more recent work in the Dominical Republic where he recovered 2 divers from Italy who were lost for 17 days inside of the Dudu Lagoon cave system.

There are plenty more successful rescues under Edd's belt. In this presentation he is going to share his experiences, talk about training and go over what it takes to be a well trained and efficient cave diver.

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