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"Cave Curious"

Natalie Gibb

Wednesday, May 12th
7:00 PM on Zoom (link to be sent to members)

Cave diving has a reputation as the world's most dangerous sport, but is that really true? As a cave diving instructor, I prepare divers to safely enjoy into some of the most gorgeous and remote places on the planet. As a cave explorer and photographer, I map new dive sites and share the spectacular images with others. My students go on to independently venture to Mexico's most remote caves, participate in science projects, create their own imagery, and even explore and map new caves. If you are cave curious, or just want to see a totally new part of the planet with no intention of ever diving there, join me for an image-rich talk about everything cave.
 Natalie Gibb's passion in life is underwater cave exploration and conservation. With her exploration partner Vincent Rouquette-Cathala, she has led her team to discover over 20 previously unknown cave systems in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, mapping more than 80 kilometers of cave passageways. She is a public speaker, author, photographer and videographer, and a member of the Woman Diver's Hall of Fame.  Natalie is co-owner of Under the Jungle, a cave diver training center in Mexico, and a TDI Full Cave Instructor.

This presentation caters more to the non cave diver than the fellow club member that frequently dares to explore what lies beneath our feet in Mexico. Natalie will use this presentation to share her passion and answer the what's, why's and how's when it comes to cave diving and share her passion with everyone in this presentation.

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