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"The Root Cause of a Dive Incident is your Imagination"

Gareth Lock

Tuesday, October 19th
7:00 PM on Zoom (link to be sent to members)

We would all like to find out the causes of diving incidents and accidents so that we can prevent them from happening to us and others. The problem is that we will find what we seek as we start looking for when it comes to causes. What if we took a wider view to find out what is really behind diving incidents and accidents? This thought provoking, and potentially challenging presentation, will give you an insight into what really causes adverse events in diving. Gareth Lock retired from the RAF in 2015 after a 25-year career involving front-line operations, flight instructing, flight trials, research and development, systems engineering and procurement. Just before he left the RAF, he certified as a technical diver, and ever since, has been trying to bring the tools, skills and knowledge from aviation, healthcare, nuclear, oil & gas and other high-risk domains into diving.

In 2016, he formed the Human Diver and started delivering HF training. In 2019 he published Under Pressure: Diving Deeper with Human Factors and in 2020 he produced and released 'If Only...' which told the story of a diving fatality through the lens of HF and a Just Culture. In September 2021, he organized and hosted the first-ever Human Factors in Diving Conference which had 27 speakers from around the globe presenting over two days.

His ultimate goal is that The Human Diver is only involved in high-level instructor development and that the materials he and his team currently teach are formally incorporated into training agency, commercial, military, public safety diving and scientific diving training materials.
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