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2019 Local Dive Boat Charters

Sun, May 26 Ol' Salty Pinta (55-85'), 15 spots @ $120 Joe Sferrazza OW RGS, SMB
Sat, Jun 8 Indy II Resor (125'), 10 spots @ $125 - SOLD OUT Greg Rosengarten AOW RGS, SMB, Line, ASD
Sat, Jun 29 (PM) Gypsy Blood Introduction to NE Diving, 16 spots @ $100 - SOLD OUT Antonio Simonini and Meredith Massey OW RGS, SMB, Line, ASD
Sat, Jul 6 Halftime Three Brothers (110') and Panther (60'), 6 spots @ $130 - SOLD OUT Kyle Horn AOW RGS
July 13-14 Sea Turtle Block Island Tech Trip, 6 spots @ $340 - SOLD OUT John Beninati AOW + experience at depth RGS, SMB, Reel
Sat, Jul 20 Halftime Oregon (125'), 5 spots @ $160 - SOLD OUT Fred Rosengarten AOW RGS
Sun, Jul 28 Gypsy Blood SS Mohawk (80'), 16 spots @ $100 - SOLD OUT Craig Slosberg AOW RGS, SMB, Line, ASD
Sat, Aug 3 Indy II Balaena (150'), 10 spots @ $125 - 2 SPOTS LEFT Matthew David AN/DP RGS, SMB, Line, ASD
Sat, Aug 17 Indy II Stolt Dagali (60-130'), 10 spots @ $125 - SOLD OUT Brenton Harder OW RGS, SMB, Line, ASD
Sun, Sep 15 Indy II Arundo (110-140'), 10 spots @ $125 - SOLD OUT Bill Ahrens AOW RGS, SMB, Line, ASD
Sun, Sep 29 Gypsy Blood Tolten (95'), 16 spots @ $100 Brenton Harder AOW RGS, SMB, Line, ASD
Sun, Oct 13 Gypsy Blood Stolt Dagali (60-130'), 16 spots @ $100 - SOLD OUT Joshua Levkov AOW RGS, SMB, Line, ASD

Other Club Dives for 2019

DATE DIVE LOCATION SPONSOR Equipment and Other Requirements
Sat, Apr 6 Season Opener Dutch Springs Greg Rosengarten
Sat, Jun 1 Photogrammetry Workshop Dutch Springs Christopher Drew Contact the sponsor to sign up and for details
Sat, Jun 22 Intro to Northeast Diving Dutch Springs Antonio Simonini and Meredith Massey
Sat, Aug 24 Underwater Photography Workshop (10 spots)Dutch Springs Larry Cohen, Olga Torrey and Michael Rothschild
Aug 29 - Sep 2 Thousand Islands (9 spots) See web page for details Rick Hormigo
Sep 6 - Sep 8 Jersey Shore Dive Weekend with Hotel or Camping See web page for details Beth McCrea Dive flag float
For boat charters, the minimum certification and equipment requirements listed on this schedule are the requirements of the boat captains. The NYC Sea Gypsies do not vet divers, or determine if any diver is qualified to do any dive. This is up to the diver and the captain, please contact them directly if you have any questions about the suitability of a dive for you.

For shore dives, the decision to participate in a club dive by any certified diver must be made by the diver alone, considering their training and experience.

For all dives, the NYC Sea Gypsies do not provide buddies, gear, transportation or training. However, the diver sponsors will do their best to help club members find what they need for a dive by setting up email groups for the rosters to help people coordinate rides, buddies, etc…

*RGS = Redundant Gas Supply (i.e. pony tank and reg for single tank divers), SMB = Surface Marker Buoy, Line = Reel or Spool of adequate length to deploy SMB from bottom, ASD = Audible Signaling Device (e.g. whistle).

Click here for our club diving requirements, or contact me if you have any questions.

Michael Rothschild
Dive Chair
NYC Sea Gypsies