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"Scuba Diving Long Island. It's just like the Caribbean, Kinda, Sometimes"

Danny Rivera

Tuesday, February 11th
7:00 PM upstairs
The Press Box
932 2 Ave (between 49th & 50th)

Danny Rivera is the owner of Good Life Divers, He is an avid local diver, technical diving instructor and amateur photographer. He has had countless photographs published, on Facebook and Instagram. His photography and videos have received such praise as, “Cool photos,” and “This one is blurry.” He is also the acclaimed author of his best selling book, “SCUBA DIVE LONG ISLAND.” 

When not underwater or working at Good Life Divers, Danny works as a full-time paramedic and stay-at-home dad to his two suspiciously blonde children. Danny is married to the most amazing and supportive woman a man could ask for.

In this presentation, Danny Rivera will attempt to dispel some of your preconceived notions that diving in the New York area, specifically, Long Island is not worth your time or effort. Through videos, pictures and interpretive dance, he will undoubtedly, sway your opinions and beliefs regarding what lies under the ocean’s surface in your own backyard. Come with him on this magical journey around some of Long Island’s best dive sites, and see what you have been missing. Now is your opportunity to ask anything you ever wanted to know about diving locally but were too afraid to ask, or feel free to come just to yell profanities. Danny invites you to learn why he sometimes un-ironically even compares diving here in NY to the Caribbean.

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