Since 1971

"Local Diving: The Underwater World in our Backyard"

Michael Rothschild and Sandra Clopp

Monday, May 6th

7 PM
The Press Box Restaurant and Pub
932 2nd Avenue (between 49th & 50th)

In the New York City area, we are lucky to live on the edge of a marine environment that is host to a spectacular underwater ecosystem, as well as hundreds of historically significant shipwrecks, many within recreational diving depths. Our speakers will share with you their love of the ocean and our local diving community through film and images. This talk will certainly be enjoyed by our members who are already local divers, but it is aimed at those who love diving but who haven’t yet been able to do it close to home. Why wait for 1-2 trips a year, with all of the expenses of travel, lodging & missing work? First class diving is just a short drive away!

Michael Rothschild is the current dive chair and former president of the NYC Sea Gypsies. He is an avid photographer and videographer, and (along with Larry Cohen) he runs the New York Underwater Photographic Society. He is a technical rebreather diver and a pediatric otolaryngologist. Michael lectures frequently on underwater photography, local diving and scuba related ENT problems at Beneath the Sea, the LIDA film festival, the Sea Gypsies and a number of local dive shops. More information is at

Sandra Clopp is the owner of
Urban Manta, a TDI technical diving training facility based in Manhattan. She has been diving since the year 2000 and has 1,300 dives all over the world. When not teaching, she loves diving her rebreathers and doing all sorts of underwater videography and photography, including macro, shipwrecks, ice diving, cave diving, shark diving, etc. Sandra is a Kiss Rebreathers Ambassador. She is currently involved in cave survey projects with Kiss in the Mexican Cenotes of Cozumel.

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